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Application Window

Main areas of the application window
Application Window

Control Toolbar

Contains the application's Main Menu. Most of the Toolbars are docked here. You can choose which ones are visible, undock them or dock them in Control State Panel.

Windows Tabs

Displays opened files. You can click on a tab to activate the corresponding file.

Subtitle List Header

Shows the columns of the subtitle list. You can resize any column. By resizing the Title column you can set the size of the subtitle editor screen.

Subtitle List Editor

Shows the list of the subtitles. The highlighted one is the currently edited subtitle. When Presentation Mode is active, the video is also shown in the currently edited subtitle area.

Subtitles Mini List

Shows the list of the subtitles in a minimalistic way for quick overview and navigation. You can resize it to fit more or less subtitles.

Audio Timeline

Shows the subtitles as a timeline. When audio is available, shows the audio waveform and/or audio spectrum. Video thumbnails or the filmstrip can be shown here too.

Global Reading Speed Indicator

Shows the relation between the length of the subtitle's text and the duration of the subtitle (if set) or the progress of the current time when timing subtitles.

Control State Panel

You can dock here any of the available Toolbars. By default, Time Display and Player Controls Toolbar are docked here.

Status bar

Shows various status information, like editing position, file saved status, errors discovered, etc. Here you can also see hints when hovering various menu items or application controls.