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Browsing Styles

Styles are sets of font attributes, such as font name, size, color, edge, shadow, etc. There are some default styles defined, but you may define your own styles, according to your production environment preferences. In order to define styles, you have to select Format | Style… command. The checkerboard screen in the upper right corner of this dialogue gives you an idea what your current style looks like. If you wish to create your own style, click on the New… button. If you wish to modify an existing style, click the Modify… button. If you simply want to remove a style, click on the Delete button. You can load and save your styles to a file. If you name that file “,” this will become your default set of styles, automatically loaded every time SubtitleNEXT starts. After doing certain changes to your styles, if you want to apply them and exit the dialog, click the Apply button. If you wish to discard the changes and exit, click Cancel.