User guide

Create from template and Save as template

SubtitleNEXT offers you to create a new file using saved templates. Through this, you can inherit the styles, properties, translations, and languages set for the template in new files. In order to create a file from the template, go to File > Create from Template. SubtitleNEXT gives you two options i.e. either use existing file, which you have saved earlier as template, or use the current file that you are working on as template.
To select the existing file as template, select the respective option. Browse the file in your computer, and select the respective template that you want to use.
The respective template will open in SubtitleNEXT. You can now start making edits, as per your preferences. If you want to use the current file as a template, select the respective option.
Properties window will pop-out. Set the properties of this template, and start making edits. See the ‘Properties’ heading above for the details.
Further, if you want to save the current file as template, go to File Save as Template.
Add the name of the template, and click ok. The respective file is saved in your system as a template, for your future use.