User guide

Customize Keyboard

Customize Keyboard allows you to have insight into all existing keyboard shortcuts. You can also change them, or assign new ones per your convenience. You can assign more than one keyboard shortcut to any SubtitleNEXT command. It is possible to save keyboard shortcut sets, so each different user can use different shortcuts. To access the customize keyboard, go to Options > Customize Keyboard.
Customize keyboard window will pop-out.
You can select the preset keyboard commands from the drop down.
You can search for any command through the ‘Find Command’ search bar or you can choose the category from the left menu, and select the respective command from the right menu.
The current key for the command is displayed in the right side window, however, if you want to change the shortcut key, then type in the new shortcut key in the left window. Click on Assign button, and close the window. This new assigned key will now be used for the keyboard command.
To see a list of all the assigned shortcut keys, click on the bottom left button on the window. A detail list of all the keyboard keys will be displayed in a new pop-out window.
You can copy the list and share it with other users in order to have uniformed settings.