User guide

Offset Timecodes

Allows to adjust the timing of one, many, or all subtitles simultaneously. The offset contains the time by which to offset the subtitles.
All scenarios of selection are included in Range. You can manipulate All, To and From Current, Selection or User Specified.
Offset Timecodes

Edit field

1. Edit field
Offset to be applied to times of the subtitles in selected range.

Subtitles range

2. Subtitles range
Select range of subtitles to apply the offset. If User Specified is selected you have to enter subtitle indexes in First Subtitle and Last Subtitle fields.

First Subtitle

3. First Subtitle
Show or, in case of User Specified range, change the index of first subtitle in range.

Pivot Subtitle

4. Pivot Subtitle
If Selected Pivot is checked to this subtitle, you can select any subtitle index from the file to be used as a pivot.

Last Subtitle

5. Last Subtitle
Show or, in case of User Specified range, change the index of last subtitle in range.

Original In-Cue

6. Original In-Cue
Show original In-Cues of the corresponding subtitles

Go To Position

7. Go To Position
Seek the media to the corresponding time.

Selected Pivot

8. Selected Pivot

New In-Cue

9. New In-Cue
Show the new resulting Out-Cues of the corresponding subtitles. For the selected pivot subtitle you can edit this field, and Offset will be calculated as a difference between this time and its Original In-Cue.

Get current time

10. Get current time
Get and put the current time in the New In-Cue of the selected pivot.