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Track Titles are set of options, which can be turned on one at the time. You can chose three different tracking methods.
Best example or how this can aid you is when you are doing Translation. Usually for this you will have to work on two jobs at the same time.
One with original language, and other one where you are typing the translation. Tracking allows you to synchronize the two open files, making it much easier to navigate.
Simply select first title in each file, and select desired Track method, and you will create synchro link between them.
If Freewheel on Timecode lost is selected, the timecode counter continues to run even when the input timecode disappears for a short amount of time.
Setup Transport is a panel for setting the important parameters of your video files. It also available by clicking the Gear icon on the bottom middle screen. Here you can chose Scene Change engine, to be Internal (default) which is more fast. Rescan Media will repeat the scanning of video (media) file for scene changes and audio graphical visualization. Auto Load Last Opened File will provide automatic loading of the last used (loaded) media opening upon starting of the program if checked. Graph options are for use of overriding LAV codec utilization, if for some reason you are experiencing issues with certain types of files. In that case, program will try to use system default appropriate codec.
Note: MPEG1-2 type of flies is known to cause issues with LAV codec. If experiencing issues using these types of files, we recommend turning off Mpeg1 and Mpeg2 in LAV > Video configuration > Format, and checking DMO or MS option. If there is no system codec that can handle file type, which is not likely, third party codec installation is recommended.
Customize Keyboard allows you to have insight into all existing keyboard shortcuts. You can also change them, or assign new ones per your convenience.
You can assign more than one keyboard shortcut to any SubtitleNEXT command. In case the shortcut is already assigned to another command,
you will be notified by the Currently Assigned to: label. It is possible to save keyboard shortcut sets, so each different user can use different shortcuts .
Once created, you can save and load them, making it easy to distribute among coworkers, or within the company, in order to have uniformed settings.
It is now possible to use Numeric keypad as a part of custom keyboard shortcuts. Only condition for this is that the Num Lock must be On. Otherwise, commands will not be executed.
The only important rule here is related to the usage Num-Enter key in Customize Keyboard as Shortcut. It must be used unshifted only - i.e. none of Alt, Shift or Ctrl pressed,
shifted both enter keys will map while un-shifted only Num Enter will work and normal Enter will make its default action)
Change Theme is not just a makeup option. You may chose from 35 different predefined themes.
Either you wish something relaxing for your eyes, or dark for your laptop longer battery life, or you simply wish to match your favorite colors.
Often the subtitling process can be long, or happen during long night hours, so with lot of experience from our side, we included this option.
And, you may open the Preferences dialogs, where you may adjust many settings of SubtitleNEXT .