User guide

Preferences: News

If you want to buffer news using SubtitleNEXT, you can subscribe different news channels through preferences. To do so, go to Options >Preferences > News.
If you want to auto reload changed story on Next, select the respective option.
Further, you can see the list of the configured news shows, and /or add / remove/ edit the shows as per your preferences. By default, there are no news list.
Click on ‘Add’ button, and select the respective option to configure a new news show.
Add the name of the news show in the ‘Name’ field. In ‘Shared Folder’ field, select the folder that will store generated subtitle files and collaboration information used by all involved workstations. Add / modify the word break list, which is actually the list of words separated by semicolons after which line breaking will be forbidden when breaking the news text to subtitles. Add the address or hostname of the news server in the ‘iNews host’ field. Add ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ to use for login to the news server. Add the news server path containing the news rundown. Set the interval to query the news server for rundown changes. Also, if you want to merge the neighboring stories starting with the same titles and/or strip presenter instructions, enable the respective options.
Once you add and select the respective options for news shows, click ok to save the settings.