User guide


To see the properties of the file that you are working on, go to File > Properties.
Properties window will pop-out. This has several tabs, including general, subtitles profile, styles set, summary, parts and statistics. General tab includes the information about the original and translated languages that will be used while subtitling. It also includes the screen aspect ratio at the bottom right corner of the screen, and the frame rate above that. On the bottom left, there are general properties regarding timecode, user bits, tape ID, reference code, and the revisions.
Subtitles Profile displays the profile summary. You can edit the profile, or create a new one.
Styles Set tab allows you to set the text style for subtitling on the video.
Summary tab presents you the summary of the video owner credentials, including translator name, editor name, producer name, and client name. You can also add any comments that you want to save regarding the video. 
Parts tab displays the details of all the parts of the video, their frame length and telecine speed. You can add, delete and update the parts information using the respective buttons on the left. The ‘Get’ button will extract the timings of first and last frame from the source video. Further, you can set the telecine speed from the bottom right of the window. Telecine speed is used in export to original media.
Statistics tab displays the statistics about the subtitles.