User guide


Allow change of the specified characters to corresponding other characters. Each character in the From field has a corresponding by position character in the To field. When a character from the From field is found in the subtitle's text it will by replaced by its corresponding character from the To field, i.e. remapped. You can use this tool for creative or correction purposes. Given below example preset can be used to create text with circled (ballooned) characters. An example with real-world scenario for correction purposes is a text containing characters looking similar to other characters but with wrong code-points, for example Greek Μ looks similar to Latin M, but is with another code-point, so spelling will treat it as error, or export to a file that do not support Greek letters will not support it. For correcting such type of errors you may create remapping preset that includes all Greek letters that look similar to Latin ones.


1. Preset
Select, create or delete presets.


2. From
String of characters to be used for search.


3. To
String of characters to be used as replacement when a character from From is found.