User guide

Searching & Replacing Text

You can search and find texts throughout the entire subtitle file. At your disposal there are several useful options:
If Case Sensitive is checked, SubtitleNEXT would look for the text string EXACTLY the way you have typed it into the Text to find box. Otherwise, if you type “good”, SubtitleNEXT will find both “good”, “Good”, and “GOOD” if available. When “Whole words only” is checked, then the search will be restricted to whole word matches only. Otherwise, if you search for “able”, for example, SubtitleNEXT will find “enable”, “durable”, etc. for you also. “Regular Expression” is a special text string for advanced search pattern. This unique feature is quite useful, when for example you wish to find if the one word was spelled the same or with variations in the file. For example, by entering “colou?r” the results will include both “color” and “colour”, as “u?” indicates the optional character in the word. Full list of commands can be found in the Appendix section.
By checking Entire Scope or Search Selection you can define whether to search in the entire file or the selected area only.
There are now Prev, Next and Find All buttons available, providing moving back and forward with more ease than before. Find All will also display all of the titles containing the word to find, so you can
simply jump to the chosen title in editor as simple as making on double click on the chosen line.
You may search for a specific timecode, if present. Just click on the Timecode tab.
You can search through the comments also. It is done with the same options as for subtitle text. Just click on the Comments tab.
Replace looks similar to Find, with the following additions:
Replace text box, allows you to enter text, which will automatically replace the text found.
Replace button. Click on it and a text replacement will occur.
ReplaceAll” button. The same as Replace, but applies to all instances of the text found in the whole file.
Replace engine is an advanced tool that now provides Regular Expression (also known as "regex") Examples, by simple press of a button, if the option is turned on.