User guide

Smart text assist

The Smart Text Assist feature in SubtitleNEXT significantly speeds up and simplifies the entire text-altering process. It combines all of the text-altering tools in one place so that they can be easily accessed. Text-altering refers to changes in text constructs or meaning, such as date or time formats, units of measurement, replacement phrases, translations, corrections, and the reorganization of text. You only have to select the portion of text you’re interested in changing, and in just one to two clicks, the required results will be instantaneous with the text replaced. To access the Smart text assist option, go to Tools >Smart Text Assist.
Smart text assist window will open. Write any text that you want to alter in your content in SubtitleNEXT.
Different suggestion methods that present in the smart text assist are described as below:
Vocabulary allows you to quickly access your collection of phrases, names, locations, and so forth, from one central place. You can select the respective phrase from here. Also, if you have configured any specific translation engines such as Google and Microsoft, the vocabulary will provide parallel variants of a translation.
Thesaurus supports Libre Office/OpenOffice dictionaries. Thesaurus displays the lists words in groups of synonyms and related concepts. 
Spell Checking verifies proper word usage and spelling.
Unit Conversions automatically converts your text to other units such as mass, length, area, temperature, based on the selected text. For example, for 12 lbs, suggested conversions will include 5.44kg and 192 ounces).
RegEx Conversions allows advanced text manipulations with unlimited functionality for altering text. All valid user-configured RegEx filters will be offered. For example, users can fix capitalization if a word begins with more than one capital letter in a sentence, including the ability to swap words, remove repeated words, profanity filtering, and so forth.
Date and Time Formatting automatically suggests various formats for both European and American date and Time formats. You can select any format and the text in your content will be converted to the respective format.