User guide

Typical Applications

SubtitleNEXT is the latest industry standard subtitling and captioning solution, offered in one compact and convenient application, to meet and deliver highest user expectations and market demands. It covers the needs of wide and numerous domains, saving your time and energy while making you more productive and efficient.
If you are either conforming a script, translating existing subtitle form to another language or format, or going from a blank file by writing down what you hear in the video, SubtitleNEXT is the solution you were looking for.
One of the most common concerns that subtitles and translation are involved in, is their quality; existence of discrepancies mostly when it comes to the potential loss of information and the impact they might have on the viewers experience. SubtitleNEXT has all editing tools - easily go trough the text, reformat it, split it, position it on screen, find and replace words and phrases using simple and complex search engines, Regular Expression, web tools, creating custom or importing open source dictionaries and even search online vocabularies and translation engines from within the software.
At your disposal you have multiple methods to manipulate text's timing - manually typing and editing, on-the-fly spotting synchronous to running media with keyboard, mouse or other controllers, timeline mouse operations, auto timing from the audio, and many more. SubtitleNEXT offers various tools to manipulate timing of text - offsetting/recut, framerate conversions, moving individual or multiple subtitles in time, auto adjusting cues, etc.
SubtitleNEXT offers full control of the text appearance - its formatting, coloring, positioning, alignment, styling, sizing, etc. Multiple text and style attributes are supported per subtitle. You can organize subtitles' look in Styles which can be assigned to the subtitles for easy reuse and further changes. Text editing in SubtitleNEXT is WYSIWYG, i.e. you work with the exact look as it will be seen by the viewers. Save, import and export Style settings for backup or to share with colleagues and coworkers. You can preview the subtitles simultaneously to your editing screen in a separate Preview window and/or externally (on monitors, streaming media, teletext, etc.)
SubtitleNEXT offers support for most of the industry used video, subtitles, captions and text file formats, as well as the exporting to Video, Images, DVD/Blu-Ray authoring formats, digital cinema, video editing tools, etc.. You can save directly to the online destination locations like http or ftp, or open/import from there. We warmly recommend keeping your work in the native file format, as it provides the most options and possibilities.
Manual, semi-manual, voice dictation, two stage voice respeaking and editing, and unattended. Multiple workstations working on the same channel, show or presentation with automatic takeover. Airing to various outputs such as SDI, HDMI, teletext, web streaming, DVB, etc. giving possibilities for various types of live events like TV broadcasting, online video streaming, theaters, operas, or any other show.