User guide


SubtitleNEXT allows you to build your own Vocabulary (Term Bases), which saves you time and ensures your translations are consistent within a project and across projects. To set your preferences for vocabulary, go to Tools > Vocabulary.
Vocabulary window will pop out.
Set the languages for translation, and add the list of words that you want to use for your vocabulary in your existing file. To set the source and translated language, click on ‘Add language button’.
Select the language from the pop-out window, and click ok.
In the same way, adjust the source and translated languages in the top bar. Start adding words and their translation to create your own vocabulary.
Select any word from both dictionaries, and click on ‘Insert in Editor’ button to add the respective word in the subtitle of your video.
To save the vocabulary, go to the menu in the top left corner of the Vocabulary window.
Go to File >Save / Save As.
Browse the location on your system, where you want to save the vocabulary. Set the file name, and click on ‘Save’ button. Your new vocabulary is saved in your system now for future use.