User's manual v1.8

Audio Timeline

Audio Timeline
What used to be a simple visual aid providing help with spotting, now is feature rich and useful tool which can manipulate many parameters with ease of a using just a mouse.


Magnification of the Waveform amplitude slider


Zoom In and Out entire Timeline. Do the same with mouse Scroll. There are 8 zoom levels.

Spectrum Gain

Audio Spectrum Gain threshold slider

Zoom Max Freq

Audio Spectrum frequency cut-off level

Scene Change Marker

Shows the change of scene in used media. Markers are generated automatically during the first usage of the media when using the local media files. Online media may depend on the connected service.
        Specific marker can be deleted by right clicking on it and selecting delete; custom marker can be inserted by right clicking on the empty space and selecting Set...

Deviation value in frames

Values represents the deviation from the settings made in the Check for Invalid Subtitle Options and Titles Preferences

Spectrum area

Upper half of the timeline is shows the spectrum. If the spectrum is turned off, it will be showing top half of waveform.

Waveform area

Lower half of timeline is reserved for the waveform.

Subtitle number and duration

This rectangle shows you the subtitle number it stands for, it width fits the subtitle duration - left side being the Cue In, while left right is the Cue Out.
Subtitle number and duration rectangle will be colored red, if the subtitle contains no text.
There is much more here that you can do using the mouse here.
- Dragging the subtitle rectangle In or Out side, you can adjust the timing perfectly while you listen the sound. Audio scrubbing is being used during this operation
- By holding the subtitle rectangle to the bottom side (metered line) you can drag it across the timeline. Holding Shift while doing this will move all remaining subtitles
- Clicking on the subtitle rectangle will select it and it will be shown in editor
- Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out
- Hold Ctrl+Click and drag it with mouse to pan the timeline
- Click, hold and drag in the lower timeline half to scrub audio while showing the appropriate subtitle over the video
- Right Click the timeline to open a menu with more options
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