User's manual v1.8
Control State Panel
Control State Panel
It is the lower screen part toolbar panel, where it is possible to locate toolbars. Current image represent the default and commonly used case, but you can of course customize it as same as all others.
It shows you what mode is currently active, as well as information about subtitle readability according to the integrated automatic subtitle reader.
Contains Media manipulation command buttons and the Media position seek bar slider.


1. PLAY |F9|


2. PAUSE |F10|

Jump Back

3. Jump Back
Pressing once rewinds the media 5 seconds back

Jump Forward

4. Jump Forward
Pressing once forwards the media 5 seconds forwards

Previous Frame |Ctrl+F11|

5. Previous Frame |Ctrl+F11|
One frame back

Next frame |Ctrl+F12|

6. Next frame |Ctrl+F12|
One frame forward

Play Reverse

  7. Play Reverse
Directly Plays with speed -1. Backwards at normal speed.

Media Playing Speed

  8. Media Playing Speed
Controls the media playing speed. Use side buttons to Increase / Decrease by one step per click, or use the middle speed number to chose from the menu. Audio pitch will remain as original, thanks to the unique filter.


9. Load
Opens the "Open Movie" window, to chose the media file to load, Local File or Internet URL origin.

Eject / Unload

10. Eject / Unload
Closes the currently open media only.

Goto Timecode |Ctrl+F9|

11. Goto Timecode |Ctrl+F9|
Skip to the manually entered time, or use some of the defined moments related to the currently open media

Preview Current Title

  12. Preview Current Title
Preview play of the loaded media for a duration of the current (selected) subtitle. Auto pauses on mentioned subtitle's end.

Auto Seek Transport to Title in Time

13. Auto Seek Transport to Title in Time
When activated, while going trough the subtitles in EDIT mode, media will follow selected title position.

Play with Preview |Ctrl+Space|

14. Play with Preview |Ctrl+Space|
Puts player in preview with subtitle's mode/state for direct preview, sync, spot or on the fly subtitle creation

Setup Transport

15. Setup Transport
Quick access to the currently used Transport Source settings

Media position slider

16. Media position slider

Color Presets toolbar

17. Color Presets toolbar
Toolbar for quick access font change color. Like all toolbars, it can be positioned freely, upper or lower part toolbar area, or float.
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