User's manual v1.8
Edit Menu
Commands from this menu allow you to manage text better. You may Undo and Redo changes.
Also, you can Cut, Copy and Paste text from and to subtitles.
You can define what is going to be copied by the clipboard – text, timecode values, subtitle numbers, or all of the above.
You may also search for text in the whole file, or just go to a particular subtitle number.
If "Copy Text" is not selected times and/or Numbers are overridden starting from the current title and if more data is available a new empty titles are created and added after.
Very useful feature when translating subtitles from one language to another, for example, is to copy just the timecodes from one file to another, which can be easily achieved by selecting the appropriate Copy option. You can also use the Past Special command and chose at that moment what data you wish to paste, and what to discard.
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