User's manual v1.8
File Menu
It allows you to create new, open, and save SubtitleNEXT native files. The default and native software file extension is .subn.
You may also Open and Export to external subtitle types, like Screen Subtitling PU2020 , Win2020 (.PAC format), SoftNI.EBU format, .890 format, SubRip etc.
Open is used for opening all supported, both native and supported ones. For the external files it acts as Import, providing you additional option during the file import,
which depends of format being used. Once opened, we recommend saving it as native format and continuing to work natively.
.SRT format will prompt for frame rate to use on import (File > Open), offering default system framerate.
Save / Save As allows you to save SubtitleNEXT native format, as well as the formerly used Subtitle Plus .sub format.
Export is used other file formats, video with subtitles export, DVD format bitmaps. The total choice of Export file types and formats may depend of type of License you own.
This list is changing often, as we are adding support for the latest industry standards regularly, as well as fulfilling customer demands for certain format support.
DVD / Blu-Ray Image Export is the completely new and redesigned image export option, made to meet the highest quality standards. Unlike obsolete solution, new exporting module provides template formats, as well as the option to change existing or completely design your own, using Mustache template form. No more limitations in Color, resolution, image type and aspect.
Existing templates including Formats for: Adobe Encore DVD, Apple DVD Studio Pro 4, Blu-Ray BDN XML, EDL, Graphics STL, NetBlender DoStudio Blu-Ray Authoring, Sonic Reel DVD / Scenarist, Sonic Scenarist Advanced and Spruce DVD Maestro.
Subtitle +
CIP file
DAS file
DLP Cinema
EBU file
.pac, .rac
SoftNI file
SubRip file
Text file
From this menu you can control the printer functions, and also edit at file’s properties. Last but not least, you can find your recently used jobs in the Recent Files submenu.
Open From provides means to open remote and not local files, you can chose from s/FTP, HTTP/s, WebDav and SVN.
There is also Save To… for saving your files and files to remote locations. You chose from s/FTP, HTTP/s, WebDav, e-Mail and SVN.
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