User's manual v1.8
Every SubtitleNEXT native file holds a set of properties in it. You may review these properties by selecting File | Properties General. Properties define what are the Program Title, Episode and Language. You can define these for both the original program and the translated one. You can also define the Program Start Timecode, User Bits and Tape ID in order to automate further tape processing. If you click on the <<Get buttons, the timecode or user bits from the tape will be taken automatically, provided the transport is connected and the tape in question is loaded and running. You can change the revision number, which can remind you which file is newer and better.
The Summary Properties will let you enter the names of the translator, editor, producer, etc. people, involved in this particular subtitling session.
Parts Properties let you keep track of all the parts from which the program is made. This is quite useful if working for cinema source subtitling.
Statistics is a bunch of read-only useful facts such as: Creation date; Revision dates; Number of subtitles, rows, words, and character Total text time (the sum of all subtitle’s durations); Total subtitled time (the duration between first cue IN and last cue OUT); Reading speed (average reading speed of titles); Total editing time (the total time of file editing); Number of styles in use.
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