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Help Menu

Providing usual content as you would expect from the Help menu.
Help Menu

Open the offline help file.
Navigate to the online version of the help.
Display the table containing currently used shortcuts.
If you desire, you may Copy all the commands, paste them in your favorite text editor, and for example, print a list of favorite ones or send it to someone.
Guides you trough the important software settings. While being automatically invoked on the first run, you can manually repeat the process from this menu.
Check if there is an updated version of the software. See also Software Updates section.
This window is shown on SubtitleNEXT startup and can also be accessed through the Help > About menu. It contains important information about your bundle type (to the right of the SubtitleNEXT logo). It also shows the current software version and build, expiration of the license if not permanent, and ASM validity date. You need this information when contacting our support team. When accessed through the menu, About window contains Change License button, for changing the license and licensed options.