User's manual v1.8
Main Subtitle Area
This is where most of the work is done. In this area you are able to enter and edit subtitle text and timecode .
You can add comments, and also preview the actual layout of a subtitle on the screen.
You may easily navigate in this area by using several methods: dragging with the third mouse (scroll) button;
dragging with the left mouse button over the black vertical line at the left side; pressing PageUp and PageDown...
Sample of Subtitle Area with Video Over Editor                                                                 Sample of Subtitle Area Without Video Over Editor
The text you see here represents the actual look of your subtitles (not all styles and formatting is possible in all file Export formats). But if to broadcast, export video with subtitles, or do any form of Live, this is exactly how they will displayed. Please refer to the related pages regarding the Font, Color, Style, Size, Position, Region...
All the data in all the columns are editable. The same way you can edit text, you can also later the timings, subtitle number/note or a comment. While the title text is only which is going to be directly visible, all the others are not being allocated at the output. Comments are a useful and convenient way to leave a note, either to yourself or anybody else. They are commonly used to point to something that needs checking, possible error or need for improvement.
Subtitles containing comments will be marked by a red flag, both in the main area as well as in the Mini Subtitles (Minititles).
In case of using the Video Over Editor preview, a Comment will be in the upper left area.
In addition to the existing functionalities, another helpful notification has been added - on the Minititles area, a subtitle containing no text will have dots mark (...) for convenience.
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