User guide

Preferences: Spelling

SubtitleNEXT offers different options for spell check. To set the options as per your preferences, go to Options > Preferences > Spelling.
There are few custom options for spelling checks in subtitles, including if you want to spell forecast as you type, ignore words in Uppercase, ignore words with numbers, and use custom dictionaries. Check the respective option if you want to use the option for your spelling checks. 
Select the ‘Show Dictionary Folder’ if you want to see the address of the folder on your computer.
Further, if you have installed an open office dictionary in your computer, you can add that in your SubtitleNEXT software to be used in the spell check.
To do so, select ‘Add OO Dictionary’. Browse the dictionary in your computer, and add the same in SubtitleNEXT.
List the languages installed in your system. You can add more languages by downloading LibreOffice, OpenOffice or Mozilla dictionaries and put their ‘.dic’ and ‘.aff’ files in the program's \dict folder or the program's AppData \dict folder. Select the available languages that you want to use while adding subtitle in your videos / audios.
You can also set the custom user dictionaries. Each dictionary may be assigned to a specific language, or to -Any- language. A language may have more than one assigned custom dictionaries, but only one of them can be made default. You can create new custom dictionary, add custom dictionary file from the system, remove any dictionary, and edit world list in any dictionary file by selecting the respective buttons from the left.
Also, you can exclude dictionaries already added in the SubtitleNEXT. You can add new dictionary, add a dictionary from your system, remove already added dictionary, and/or edit the wordlist of your dictionary.
Once you add and select the respective options for your dictionaries, and spelling check, click ok to save the settings.