User guide

Selecting Colors

When selecting a color for the font, its edge or shadow, a color dialogue appears (see above). In the main color area you can select a color shade ( Hue ) and how colorful it is ( Saturation ). Saturation values increase in the upper part of the area. You can select how dark the color is by sliding the Light slider up and down. You can also define how transparent it is by sliding the Trans slider up and down. The higher the Trans slider is, the more transparent the color is. The Hue, Sat, Ligh, Red, Green, Blue, and Transp values to the right let you enter exact numeric values for the color. If you drag in the color select area or the lightness and transparency sliders, the numeric values change accordingly. In the upper right corner there is a 4- box rectangle, named Preview, showing your old and new colors. The upper two boxes contain the old color (upper-left) and its transparency (upper-right). The lower two boxes contain the new color (lower-left) and its transparency (lower-right). To accept your new color, click OK. To discard changes and continue with your old color, click Cancel.