User guide

Setup Instructions

After activation, the first time you run the program Initial Settings Wizard will display to guide you through quick setup process. You can run this wizard any time from Help > Initial Settings Wizard.
Follow the wizard screens and choose the most suitable for you options.
1. If you have skipped the recommended codecs during program's installation you can do it here by clicking the provided link. You can check if you already have them installed (you see ALREADY INSTALLED in a green box, else NOT INSTALLED in a red box).
2. Choose your program optimization level and your expertise preferences.
3.If you are used to some other vendor keyboard shortcut keys you can choose one of the provided presets instead of the SubtitleNEXT one.
4. Program has multiple predefined screen layouts suitable for different types of tasks, roles or user preferences. You can also create and add your own layouts later.
5. The program also offers theme selection from the multiple provided ones.
Other more advances Setup Options are available in program's Options menu. There you can setup your choices for multiple files synchronization, action modes, keyboard customization as well as setup your dictionaries, titles intervals, reading speed and tolerance, styles, spelling, short forms, media sources, menus, and many more. For more detailed information refer to Preferences.