User guide

Static License Activation

On the Activation screen if “I have Serial Number”  login option is chosen, the following screen pops up
The procedure to be followed is as per below
Automatic Activation - this option is for activation via connection to License server. If available your SubtitleNEXT copy will be licensed automatically.
You need to provide Serial Number, obtained during purchase, and for User name and Company, you can enter information from your side for example: User name:Adam and Company:Mycompany.
If you cannot choose this option due to no Internet connection or restrictions, please use any of the following:
Automatic by the Default E-mail client or
Manual by other Email client or PC
By pressing Automatic by the Default E-mail client button your default e-mail client will open with populated data and you can send it.
If default e-mail client does not open or some other application is used for e-mail (like webmail) press Manual by other E-mail client or PC button, press Copy to Clipboard or Save to file and paste information in the e-mail message field, or attach file to Email message if you choose to Save to File.
Send it to e-mail address:
Wait until Activation key is received via email.
License Activation: Copy the received Activation key (including —–KEY START—– and —KEY END— text) and press Paste from Clipboard button. Once pasted the Activate button will become active and click it.