User's manual v1.8
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With these commands you can define which parts of the GUI are visible and which are not. All the Toolbars are listed in a submenu.
Expanded View - Turns On or Off the media preview in the Editor
Safe Area - red dashed line in the Editor Video, showing the limits of subtitle area
Draw box - shows a boxed text in the Editor Video, making subtitles more visible when combined with video file
Character Counters - shows a visual aid tool, number of used character in line and available if selected. Positioned in lower right area of the Video over editor.
In Text Gauge - another visual aid tool, showing the text underline progress meter, depending of the set speed.
Intervals In Editor - Show or Hide duration between subtitles in the TC column in Editor
Audio Timeline - shows or hides the Audio Timeline at the bottom of subtitle edit window.
MiniTitles - preview of larger number of subtitles on the right side of edit window. Showing them or not, as well as their quality settings or lock mode available to set. You can also Show or Hide Hints.
Text quality - Offers four stages of edit window text display quality. May improve system response and/or extend battery life if reduced.
TV Screen Title Background - Chose different Edit window backgrounds, same as in Preview Window
Control State Panel - Turn On or Off the Control State Panel
Control Toolbar - Turn On or Off the Control Toolbar
Windows Tabs - Displays the open files as tabs in the lower toolbar area. Very useful feature when working with multiple files simultaneously
Standard Main Menu - Chose type of displaying the Main menu: Standard if checked, Toolbar style in unchecked
Full Wave - Turn On or Off the big Wave vertical indicator, located on the most right edge of the software
Full Screen - Maximize the software into Full Screen mode, taking the most possible space on screen for your work
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